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Site Spotlight: Enjolrasworld

“This site is dedicated to gathering all of the Internet’s comic book annotations and bibliographies in one place.

Thanks to Wizard Magazine, who “recommended checking out” this “wonderful site”. Thanks, Wizard!

Why do I do this?

1. Because I really enjoy annotations and bibliographies.
2. Because they’re hard to find — many annotations and bibliographies are difficult to find on the web, or have only been posted on newsgroups like, rec.arts.comics.dc.universe, or alt.comics.batman (or a host of others). Without doing an extensive search, it’s nearly impossible to know they’re even out there.
3. Because my brother has put together some truly amazing bibliographies for Mike Carey, Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Kevin Smith, and Matt Wagner. I thought I’d post those and then gather others so people who wanted could find them in one place.”


Weeknotes, 13/04/14

I did an interview this week to use for my theatre project, gradually transcribed it and since then have been trying to turn my notes & fragments into some kind of proper script for feedback & the director to work with. There’s something gained from face-to-face interviewing; you get the vocal inflections and tangents that you can’t feel otherwise, and afk rapport dilutes the formality + awareness of the artificial structure. It’s been so long since I’ve been in an environment where there are consistently these kind of interrogating conversations, it felt really good + my brain’s gone into overdrive with the source material.

All the pieces will be directed from Kirstie Davis from Forest Forge, and performed at the Theatre Royal Brighton. Psyched! Forest Forge are a New Forest/Hampshire-based touring theatre company, primarily working within + travelling to rural communities. Each short play will take place somewhere different around the labyrinthine building(s); the theatre was gradually hodge-podged together from a bunch of surrounding premises. I overheard last time that the bar-room where we start sessions used to be part of the manager’s house, hence the fireplace.

I’ve only just noticed a pattern that applies equally to my writing, video + edu projects. I gather gather gather, organise + file that to a lesser extent, then eventually find a use for it or reach critical mass-tipping point and a first version of something comes together in a comparatively quick burst.

I filled out a $10 Gallup StrengthsFinder (via ribbonfarm)  limited report which supposedly identifies your five “signature themes”. An algorithm identified this “Input” habit in less than an hour, whereas it’s taken me over two decades to start to pinpoint how my brain works best.


You are inquisitive. You collect things. You might collect information—words, facts, books, and quotations—or you might collect tangible objects such as butterflies, baseball cards, porcelain dolls, or sepia photographs. Whatever you collect, you collect it because it interests you. And yours is the kind of mind that finds so many things interesting. The world is exciting precisely because of its infinite variety and complexity. If you read a great deal, it is not necessarily to refine your theories but, rather, to add more information to your archives. If you like to travel, it is because each new location offers novel artifacts and facts. These can be acquired and then stored away. Why are they worth storing? At the time of storing it is often hard to say exactly when or why you might need them, but who knows when they might become useful? With all those possible uses in mind, you really don’t feel comfortable throwing anything away. So you keep acquiring and compiling and filing stuff away. It’s interesting. It keeps your mind fresh. And perhaps one day some of it will prove valuable.”

Overall it was Intellection + Input + Learner + Restorative + Individualization, which seems pretty accurate tbh. A pdf for the curious or nosy! I checked it out in February but have been looking again this week. Like, information reinforcing organic realisation rather than directly causing it. I love people-barcoding, as long as it’s a curiosity-starting point rather than super dogmatic with repercussions for “wrong” answers. It’s not rocket science that people are going to do their best if you let them do things how is best for them.

I used the interview excuse to have a day out to try to get away from myself and do “normal” stuff (drink overpriced coffee, moan about buses, waste time faffing with change, overheat). Everything is baby steps but they count. We recorded the interview on a quiet bench in Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, which sits in the Pavilion gardens. Cool + dark + needed, also just really nice to be surrounded by all these objects that came out of people’s heads (explanatory JMR Higgs quote here).

The more people I interrogate, the more I want to keep doing it. It’s bizarre that I really enjoy (& am now quite good at) teasing stories and ideas out of people when I used to find just talking borderline impossible.

Weeknotes, 06/04/14

This week has basically been collapsing, which is okay.

Site Spotlight: Theatre Bristol

“Theatre Bristol is a collective of producers. We believe that anything is possible. We follow our curiosity, individually and collectively, to work for the benefit of artists* to make great art.

We do this in lots of different ways, in partnership with many different people and organisations. We offer bespoke advice and support to artists and producers; we commission and produce new work; we run events (networking, inspiration, action planning); we host a user-generated website; we research new ways of working and we develop national and international exchange opportunities…

* Artists = writers, circus artists, puppeteers, dancers, live art artists, producers, directors, designers, technicians, funders, stage managers, musicians, composers, thinkers, administrators, bookkeepers, fundraisers, critics, enthusiasts, supporters… everyone who’s interested is welcome.”

- Theatre Bristol

Weeknotes, 30/03/14

Next week is the last week of the spring term, then a few weeks Easter holiday.
So far I have a weird, graphic score theatre script. A cross between algebra, 4/4 + Kandinsky.
Been digging into public archives to grab census data for workhouse inhabitants and see where it leads me.