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Weekend Links, 29/07/12

(Art, the Olympics and youth.)

“In prisons across the US, inmates are creating and posing in front of artworks that depict the ‘free world‘”.

Why People Hate Art.

∞ I didn’t know who Derek Redmond was before I saw him on Come Dine With Me, but Youtube enlightenened me. So heartbreakingly brilliant. It would’ve been cool to have him do something at the Opening Ceremony, but maybe that’s me being naff & cute. 10 years ago, though.

∞ Laurie Penny literally on London, Underground (and I subscribed to The New Inquiry this week as well, for a paltry $2 a month).

∞ Infographics using the Olympic rings to show global inequalities.

Leaving the Guardian, creativity vs mild depression, the quantified self and running.

The Reason “Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25” Struck Such A Nerve

Think about it: If you have teenagers today, they are far more different from you than you were from your parents when you were a teenager. And their children are likely to be even more different from them. Not long ago a friend of mine went for a drive with his children, and on the radio one of the kids’ favorite songs was playing. So they all sang along. At the end of the song the 3-year-old, who was already accustomed to a completely different kind of technology, spoke up: “Play the song again, Daddy! Play it again!”

∞ A guide to freelancing for teenagers, by Anna Debenham.

Young people typically have a poor representation in this industry, stereotyped as being arrogant and cocky, churning out bad code and designs for quick cash. But the majority of young people I know care a lot about improving the industry and the quality of work they produce.

Being young in this industry will open a lot of doors for you, but it will also be a barrier when you’re trying to win jobs because people still perceive us in this way. But if you just try and be the best that you can be at what you do, and keep your feet on the ground, it shouldn’t be a problem.

∞ Alexis Madrigal asks if our technology addictions owe more to economic circumstances than personal issues (and the answer is yes).

“In the age of the Cultural Olympiad, we’re all public performers

∞ And a conversation about protest art between Molly Crabapple and Eric Drooker.

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