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∞ We’re halfway through Film4’s 30 films for 30p.

∞ An article about John Cage and Canada:

“So good to hear from you. I don’t know what to suggest unless it be that I write a new piece for you. Circumstances alone have kept me from doing that in recent years. Now it seems possible…

As ever,

∞  A video of Grimes “Building Beats From The Ground Up” for a Seattle radio station.

∞ A smart blog questioning a Frida and Diego Kahlo exhibition being advertised by unibrow discounts.

∞ A couple of links on foodie and “conscious consumerism” grossness: abandoned city farm animals, a food journalist writes scathingly about foodie vanity, and then a slightly differing perspective on how good food shouldn’t be elitist in an information age.

∞ “Is Babysitting the Ultimate Source of Our Ability to Understand Each Other?” ties teenage cliques to evolutionary sociology.

∞ This content creation comic is probably tied with this adulthood one for my funny-cos-it’s-stupidly-applicable webcomic prize.

∞ A chronicle of a cancer scare.

∞ & lastly a couple of dance music articles. Vice does psytrance and “Dance Dance Revolution” about the US Electric Daisy Carnival:

“That hundreds of thousands of kids would fly and drive across the country to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend three days in the desert dancing to the beats of some 150 DJs would have seemed rather unlikely even, say, three years ago. Somehow the thing that everybody had predicted circa 1995—that electronic dance music (hereafter: EDM) would take over pop—had been delayed a mere seventeen years…Why was this happening now? Was this really the rave scene’s triumphant return, another retro craze for a culture increasingly addicted to accelerated nostalgia, or was this something different?”


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