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Weeknotes, 23/12/12

This week has been so weird.

I’ve been helping a friend deal with court paperwork for breaches of the Equality Act 2010, and had to act as a witness for paper serving and take a trip to London.

Plush offices, leather glass and chrome, space controller desks. Summary: even more extreme conspicuous displays of wealth than when I went to Barclays in Canary Wharf. (Aside: I got a certificate for my Money Skills training this week.) There was an ambushed negotiation over singular plastic, leafed teabags that cost more than a whole box of mine. I wish I’d taken some of the biscuits.

And then, a day in county court. I’ve been feeling like a pretend baby Erin Brockovich. The defendant’s barrister (sledgehammer to crack a nut?) tried to get the case thrown out on a technicality but the judge wasn’t having any of it. Now’s the point to look for legal representation so if anybody knows a good disability/equalities lawyer, hit me up!

Other than that, it’s also almost Christmas. I’m excited! I’ve bought thoughtful gifts this year, and tried to give mainly books with Lush products. Marianne Elliott goes even more minimal, with lots of heart:

“So the next year I went a step further. I bought fair trade gifts for the adults and – all the aunties out there will know what a big deal this is – I bought nothing for the children.”

I really enjoy Christmas despite that being a bit naff; people keep telling me I’ll grow out of it but it seems to become more pleasurable each year. How cute is this?

I’ve been thinking about slow blogging after reading a great piece on Design For Mankind (Erin’s history of blogging is also a thought-provoking read). This provoked some searching to see if there was a comparable trend like slow food. Lo and behold, there kind of is.

This slow blog manifesto is full of great ideas:

“3 Slow Blogging is a reversal of the disintegration into the one-liners and cutting turns of phrase that are often the early lives of our best ideas. Its a process in which flashes of thought shine and then fade to take their place in the background as part of something larger. Slow Blogging does not write thoughts onto the ethereal and eternal parchment before they provide an enduring worth in the shape of our ideas over time.

4 Slow Blogging is a willingness to remain silent amid the daily outrages and ecstasies that fill nothing more than single moments in time, switching between banality, crushing heartbreak and end-of-the-world psychotic glee in the mere space between headlines.”

Anne R. Allen shares a personal perspective and adds some benefits, and the New York Times published a 2008 article about “blogging at a snail’s pace”.

I’m disappearing to play Christmas now, and I hope everyone has a lovely time.

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